Our Current Board:

Medford Community Housing Inc. draws broadly form the background, talent, and skills of the people of Medford in its membership and Board of Directors.

Affordable Housing in Medford, Massachusetts

Medford Community Housing
PO Box 575 - Medford, MA 02155

  •  Henry Rappa (Attorney at Law)                                                                    President
  • David Brosnan ( Structural Engineer)                                                           Treasurer
  • Erich Karol (Mechanical Systems & Building Maintenance)                     Clerk                                                                                                                                                                     Vice President
  • Aziza Kasbaji  (Health Care Provider)                                                           Resident
  • Marie Izzo - (Housing Advocate)                                                                     Resident
  • Taib Sada (Construction)                                                                                Resident

Medford Community Housing is supported by its members.

Come share in our mission of making housing affordable, safe, and inclusive for all people who live and work in the City of Medford. As a member of Medford Community Housing it gives you a voice to help us to continue to advocate for affordable housing in Medford to purchase or to rent. This kind of property development doesn't happen unless we have support in our community.


  1. Participation in our Annual Meeting
  2. Opportunity to be involved in our community
  3. Opportunity to serve on our Board of Directors
  4. Receive Periodic Updates on affordable housing issues in our Community
  5. All contributions are tax deductible