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Who are we?

Medford Community Housing, Inc. is a 501c(3) Not-for-profit Corporation founded in 1988. We are a Community Housing Development Corporation (CHDO) recognized as an entity that can receive government housing funds. Read more about us.........

Dreaming of buying a home? Our new 2015 schedule.

The Medford Community Housing Home Buyer Education Program is pleased to be offering first time home buyer counseling workshops! Register here for our next workshop in December.

Project Development - We can act as a developer for a residential affordable housing development, or for a project that is considering affordable housing units along with market rate housing units. If you're looking to donate property with a specific housing mission in mind, please contact us.

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Make your voice heard and help out a local cause. We’re run by volunteers, so please let us know if you’re interested. All contributions are tax deductible. Learn more about our membership.

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Many employers will match your donations to a non profit.
Your contribution will help provide housing to more families!

Donations to our non profit has no limits.

If you're looking to register for a workshop or course read below for the specific charges & pay through our Donation button below.

 "Road Home" First Time Home Buyer online course - $105/per person * all on line payments are accepted, please
                                                                     register via phone (see workshop tab)
First Time Home Buyer Workshop
- $65/household *all participants, please register with us via e-mail




If paying by check:
Medford Community Housing
PO Box 575
Medford, MA 02155
Please contact us @ info@medfordcommunityhousing.org

*We have no affiliation with the Medford Housing Authority*